Himalayan Nails & Spa

We truly understand the needs and expectations of the people when it comes to Nails & Spa. With over 20 years of broad experiences in the industry, Himalayan Nails & Spa deliver to you tranquility and relaxation after your daily hours of hard working.

- No smell with powerful exhaust system

- FREE Himalayan Salt Room Therapy

- Newly invented SPA Pedicures and Manicure

- High end, clean, relax and soothing environment and affordable

- Disposal kits and liners for each client

- Friendly, experienced, and professional staff

For the first time in the industry, we have integrated the unique characteristics of Himalayan Pink Salt into nails & spa services. These salts have been crystallized for millions of years in the mountains with 80+ minerals that proven to provide health benefits and better lung and breathing functions...

It is brought to you here at Himalayan Nails & Spa and carefully designed to create the ultimate soothing relaxing atmosphere while having a pedicure.

Himalayan Nails & Spa aims to create our own unique profile through our newly designed services that are affordable and selected with careful measurements. We are confident to say that you probably have never experienced it before.

“ Your smile is our gratitude ”